Welcome to Snailhouse Campervans

Snailhouse Campervans is a small campervan rental company with a personal approach. We are located in Amsterdam and have a base in the village of Lagos in the Algarve, Portugal. Our vans are available for hire from Lagos, Portugal and Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Trips between Portugal and the Netherlands are certainly possible. Request well in advance😊

Now also rental in the Netherlands (Chillum & Miss Paddy)

Please read our FAQ for more information about Snailhouse and COVID-19.

Why we rent our campervans

Snailhouse Campervans developed from our own experiences with campervans, also known as ‘Van Life’. We want to let as many people as possible have an amazing time doing what we love to do: enjoying the freedom, peace and adventure of camping in a campervan.


High season

June, July, August and September

7<14 days ->

 120,- €/d

14<21 days ->

 110,- €/d

>21 days ->

 95,- €/d

Pre and after season

April, May, October, November and Christmas hollidays

7<14 days ->

 100,- €/d

14<21 days ->

 90,- €/d

>21 days ->

 80,- €/d

Low season

December*, January*, February and March *The Christmas holidays fall into the pre and after season category.

7<14 days ->

 85,- €/d

14<21 days ->

 80,- €/d

>21 days ->

 75,- €/d

Prices based on 2 persons. Each additional person is 20 € extra per day regardless of the season.
(children up to 12 years are free) Would you like to rent a bus for shorter or longer than the times shown, ask us for the possibilities and the alternative prices.


Our base is in the village Lagos, in the South-West of the Algarve in Portugal. This is an amazing place to discover new things and to travel around in a campervan. Here’s the place that you get to see the real old Portugal with an exceptional amount of nature and sun kissed beaches. You can pick up the vans in Lagos or in the surrounding area. It takes around 1.5 - 2 hours to get here from Faro Airport. You can do so by taking the train or bus. We also provide information on other transport options like cheap taxis. On special request we can pick you up or take you back to Faro. Ofcourse for a fixed price :)

Are you ready for ‘Van Life’?

Then contact us via e-mail and we of course will reply as soon as possible.

Our e-mail address: snailhousecampervans@gmail.com

Snailhouse Campervans

You can reach us via the phone, WhatsApp or e-mail Our telephone number: +31 6 17410166
Our e-mail address: snailhousecampervans@gmail.com


Why we rent out vans?

Snailhouse Campervans originated due to our own experiences, which we want to share. We think it’s important to enjoy our work and we do this by creating a product which we are proud of. For us, this means campervans in Portugal where you feel at home the second you walk into them. Where you think ‘wow, I want to go on holiday in this van’.