Migaloo (the indigenous Australian word for ‘white fella’) is a Mercedes Benz 410 from 1992. Our albino van for 6 people. Inside he’s completely ready for your camper trip with 6 sitting places that can be converted into a big 2 persons bed. The upper bed is also a 2 persons bed and in the back there is a bunk bed for two more people. There is a little bathroom with a toilet and sink. Besides all the other standard conveniences (see bus content below), Migaloo has warm water, heating and a 2,5 metre standing height! He has previously traveled around with his past owners to deliver bibles and was kept in great condition by the nuns so Migaloo is technically perfectly ready for your ‘Van Life’ trip.

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Now for rent in the Netherlands
Let me introduce you to Bokito. Strong and muscular he has taken 6 girls with him on his trip down to Portugal. We don’t necessarily advise Bokito to travel with 6 but it is possible ;-). He has 2 two person beds, an upper bed of 180x130 and a lower bed which is 160x170. The lower bed appears when you convert the couch into it. (It has a not official extra seatbelt in the sitting area so Bokito has in total three seatbelts) He is of course furnished with all of the necessary items which you will need for your trip. Bokito has a lot of live and storage room and drives just as ‘smooth’ as a Mercedez should.

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Chillum is a Mercedez-Benz 207D from 1987. He has an unbreakable diesel engine. Chillum doesn’t really like to rush so chilling is essential. The cruise speed is 90 km/ph, he doesn’t have power steering but he’s still very easy to drive. Parallel parking is a bit of a challenge in Amsterdam but luckily, there is enough space in Portugal! Chillum includes all the standard conveniences (see bus content below). Other than that he has a 6 seater table which can be turned into a two- person bed (160x200). There is also an upper bed which sleeps 2 (130x200). And oh yeah, Chillum has also a 2,5 metres standing height! You can easily travel with 3 or 4 people around in our comfy Chillum.

Chillum is ready, are you as well? :)

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Silver Bullet

Meet and greet our 2 persons rock & roll van ‘Silver Bullet’! The oldest of our family, made in 1979 but he might be the best to drive! It almost seems as if he invented the word ‘Cruising’... Silver Bullet began his Snailhouse adventure with a 3 month long trip around Europe and he is now available for rent in the Algarve. Inside he is very spacious with two couches and a turning passenger seat. So there is no lack of seating space :) The couch in the back converts into a two-person bed which is 113x120. Silver Bullet is of course also equipped with all the essentials for a memorable holiday. Besides all that our rock & roll star has a romantic interior which will take you to all the most beautiful places and to see the most gorgeous sunsets!

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Miss Moneypenny

Alias ‘Miss M’ is a Mercedes 310 from 1992. With rock solid 5 cylinder engine and power steering she is a really smooth drive. This ladies cruise speed is 100 km/ph. The charming Miss M has all of the normal bus content (see bus content below). She has a two- person pull out bed which you can leave done up (185x145). Downstairs the 4 seater area can be transformed into the other two-person bed (180x145). The seating area has 2 seatbelts (in total she has 4). Miss Moneypenny also has a 2,5 metre standing height and is well-equipped for 4 people! She ensures a relaxed and comfy stay.

Miss M is ready for your next adventure!

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In our vans

Our vans are of course totally ready for your next adventure. We provide clean bed sheets and towels. Further our vans have:

  • Kitchen (including pots, pans, plates, cutlery, percolator etc.)
  • Stove with two or more pits
  • Refrigerator running on gas
  • Clean water tank
  • Table, chairs & light for on the camping site
  • Awning for the hot days
  • Portable toilet
  • Solar camp shower bag (and a built in shower in Paddy)
  • Inverter to 220v (for eg. a laptop)
  • USB charging point
  • Boom box
  • Radio/CD player with AUX setting
  • Surf rack
  • Info booklets and road maps about Algarve
  • Different books and games

There is also a possibility to hire wifi-internet, guitar and skateboard. Make your adventure complete and dare to surf the Portuguese waves: Hire a surfboard or bodyboard!

Soft tops 8', 7'6", 7'0", 6'0" and 5'4"

€75 one week
€100 two weeks

Hardtops 10'6", 7'3" and 6'3"

€75 one week
€100 two weeks

Advanced boards 9'6", 9'1", 8'0", 6'6" and 6'0"

€120 one week
€180 two weeks

Shortboards 7'3" and 6'2"

€90 one week
€135 two weeks

Ask us for further details and the availability of the boards.

Bodyboards, skateboard and guitar

€15 one week
€20 two weeks

Wetsuits there are only a few sizes and suits available

€35 per week

Child seats and bed/beach tents available for children of 0/25 kg’s

Snailhouse Campervans

You can reach us via the phone, WhatsApp or e-mail Our telephone number: +31 6 17410166
Our e-mail address: snailhousecampervans@gmail.com


Why we rent out vans?

Snailhouse Campervans originated due to our own experiences, which we want to share. We think it’s important to enjoy our work and we do this by creating a product which we are proud of. For us, this means campervans in Portugal where you feel at home the second you walk into them. Where you think ‘wow, I want to go on holiday in this van’.