Questions and answers

Booking, how does it work?

  1. Let us know your definitive data and bus preference, then we will send you the rental agreement and the rental conditions.
  2. E-mail us the signed rental agreement and copy(ies) of your drivers license(s).
  3. As soon as the deposit (50% of the rental amount) with the contract number mentioned is transferred onto our bank account, the reservation is considered to be confirmed and the prospect of your fun holiday can begin! :-)


Our vans are WA insured. Personal damage does not get covered by the insurance, we therefore ask a €750 deposit.

Buying insurance

We don’t offer the option to buy an insurance package as we have renovated our vans with a lot of love and kept a really good maintenance. We expect our guests to treat our vans with the same amount of love that we have given them.

Bad luck on the road

Bad luck on the road is always very annoying! Thankfully this doesn’t occur very often. We do our very best to keep our vans well maintained. If something were to happen, we will guide you through the problem as best as we can. In case we can’t help you through the phone, we will come or send our mechanic as fast as we can to you. If it’s not possible to get to you quickly then we will help to find a garage nearby you. Mercedes vans are generally easy to fix, that means that they should be repaired quickly. :-) The first day of your ‘bad luck on the road adventure’ will be your own cost. The days after the first that you cannot continue your holiday will be paid back to you per day. In the case that the damage is ‘disastrous’, we will see if there are other vans available or we’ll help find a different vacation accommodation for you. We will of course refund you the remaining days. This in general is an unlikely occurrence and if it does happen we will solve it. :-) Offcourse we will take care of the reparation costs!

Drivers, age and driving experience

The minimum age is 24 with a minimum of 3 years driving experience. This is the demand of our insurer. We don’t have a minimum amount of drives, we do however need a picture of everyone’s driving licence.

Pick-up and drop-off times

The campers are normaly to be picked up from 15.00 and brought back before 12.00. If it is possible with the previous or next renters we can be very flexible with these times. We discuss the best pick up time and place for everybody a few days in advance before you take off and return.

Pick-up, is that also possible in Lisbon or Porto?

We rent out our vans from Lagos in the south of Portugal, close to Faro. Unfortunately picking up or returning the vans in Lisbon or Porto is quite expensive. There is a train going from Lisbon and Porto and there is also the option of hiring a hire car and returning it in Lagos.

Camping in nature

This is not allowed! But it tends to be tolerated, and therefore happens a lot. It has been known (sometimes also in the middle of the night) that people are asked to move to another place. There have been fines given for wild camping, this is to be paid by the renter. Eventhough our vans are made to go off grid and leave a small footprint we do not support camping in the natural park.

Camping sites, is there a need to reserve?

There aren’t as many camping grounds as for example in France, yet there hasn’t been a need to reserve a place so far.

Babies and ‘Van Life’

Babies love the ‘Van Life’! We have had several guests who have travelled with their babies or toddlers and they have all really enjoyed it.

Which van should we Choose?

All of our vans are different. The one van is a little more ‘royal’, another van may be comfier to drive and one van may have a smaller interior but more storage space. Have a look at campervans, our Instagram and Facebook to see photos and videos to get more of a feel for each van.

Which van is best suited for children?

Each one of our vans is suited for children. Our 4 person vans have 2 two-person beds, an upper one and a lower one. The lower one can be converted into a sitting area. If the kids are sleeping on the upper bed, then you can still sit downstairs until it’s also your bedtime :-). Apart from the 2 two-person beds, Migaloo has a bunk bed in the back. Only Migaloo, Ms. Paddy and Miss. M have 2 seatbelts in the back. We also have child seats available, please let us know in advance if you would want to make use of them.

Seatbelts in the back

The vans were built before the seatbelt laws were introduced, for this reason they don’t need to have them in the back. It is legal to sit in the back without a seatbelt if there is none. Migaloo, Miss. M and Paddy do have two seatbelts in the back. Bokito has 1 seatbelt in the back which we added ourselves.

Rental duration from saturday to sunday

Our bookings don’t necessarily have to be from Saturday to Saturday :-)


The Algarve is known for its mild temperatures, especially where we are located. There is always a nice sea-breeze and if it gets too chilly then you can head inland to discover new things. The weather throughout the winter is also very nice for the ‘Van Life’.


There is pretty much everything that you would need in the vans; cooking appliances, games, travel guides, clean bedsheets and 1 towel per person. Find more information at the bottom on our Campervans page.

Toilet and shower

There are mobile chemical toilets in the vans, at the end of your trip please empty and clean them..! All our vans also have a solar shower bag to rins of outside. Next to that there are a multitude of different places (beaches) where there are public toilets and sometimes also showers.

Snailhouse Campervans

You can reach us via the phone, WhatsApp or e-mail Our telephone number: +31 6 17410166
Our e-mail address:


Why we rent out vans?

Snailhouse Campervans originated due to our own experiences, which we want to share. We think it’s important to enjoy our work and we do this by creating a product which we are proud of. For us, this means campervans in Portugal where you feel at home the second you walk into them. Where you think ‘wow, I want to go on holiday in this van’.